Get up to 7% cashback with Travel Buddy Card

Use Travel Buddy card in Bahrain or online and up to 7% cashback. Terms and conditions apply.


Up to 7% cashback (7000 Cash Back Reward Points) capped at 7BHD per month when spent on below categories with Travel Buddy Card

Category wise cashback Reward Points:

  1. 7% on Entertainment and OTT Subscriptions (Netflix)
  2. 3% on Clothing, Footwear, & Electronics spent in Bahrain in Bahraini Dinar
  3. 2% on Groceries, Restaurants & Fast Food spends spent in Bahrain in Bahraini Dinar
  4. 1% on all other Spending spent in Bahrain in Bahraini Dinar

Terms & Conditions

  • Category wise cashback percentage
    • 7% on OTT subscriptions
    • 3% on Clothing, Footwear & Electronics
    • 2% on Groceries, Restaurants & Fast Food
    • 1% on all other spends (except ATM)
  • A transaction qualifies for a cashback only if the transaction is made on the below categories and only for the transactions happening on Bahrain based merchants. Except for OTT Based subscriptions.
  • Total cashback is capped at 7BHD per user per month.
  • Cashback is awarded as BFC Points in the BFC customer’s points wallet, 1 BFC Point is equal to 1 Fil (BHD 0.001), these points can be redeemed for monetary value or merchant coupons available in BFC Pay marketplace only, it cannot be transferred to any other form.
  • BFC Points earned on other app transactions like remittances, add money transactions or bill payments also are credited to the same points wallet in which cashback is credited.
  • The offers on cashback will not be discounted for a transaction during the occurrence of the transaction, cashback will be credited to the BFC customer’s points wallet only after the Transaction is completed successfully if it is eligible for a cashback.
  • If the points are not redeemed within 3 months of issuance, it will be expired automatically.
  • The cashback will be credited to the customer wallet for a qualifying transaction within 30 days after the Transaction happens provided the wallet account is active.
  • If a Transaction is cancelled or reversed the cashback given for that transaction will be taken back from the customer’s points wallet, if the customer’s points wallet do not have enough points then the equivalent amount will be debited from the main wallet.
  • These points cannot be transferred to another BFC Pay customer.
  • If the points are exchanged for a cash voucher, the voucher amount will be transferred to the BFC Pay Wallet.
  • In case any fee like subscription fee or annual fee is due for a customer’s account, BFC has the right to debit the points wallet to adjust the pending fees on the customer’s account.
  • BFC Pay holds the right to wipe out all the points accumulated by a customer and block the customer’s account if the customer is found to abuse the cashback program or involved in a fraudulent activity.
  • BFC Pay has the right to stop the cashback campaign at any time by notifying the customers.
  • BFC Pay’s decision on computation, lapse, forfeiture, cancellation, credit, and debit of points will be final, conclusive and binding to the customer.
  • Redemptions on Vouchers are subject to the availability of stock in the marketplace.
  • The Partner vouchers are subject to each Partner’s individual terms and conditions.
  • BFC Pay has the rights to change the redemption value of the vouchers without prior notice to the customers.
  • Once the redemption is made, the redeemed voucher cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • To know the detailed applicable merchant category codes, click here.